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A long walk to water book review

A long walk to water written by Linda Sue Park, it is based on a real story about the civil war in Sudan. There are two separate stories in this book, the two main characters Salva and Nya.  11-year old Salva was in school when his school got attacked by the bomb, gunshots, a violent civil war was happening in his country. Salva was separated from his family. He spends a few nights staying with an elderly woman, but the woman eventually tells Salva that he’ll need to keep moving since there’s no more food or water. Salva joins up with a large group of people from his village, and the group begins to wander across Sudan in the hopes of finding a safe refugee camp. They crossed a long river, a forest, a dessert just to find a safe place to stay. In Nya’s story, she has to walk 2 hours per day just to find some water for her family and the water it’s very dirty.

This is a very meaningful book and I can’t believe it is based on a real story. I recommend this to secondary-university students and I really enjoy reading this book.



I haven’t read many of these kind of books but they sound so interesting!

23rd Oct, 19

Sounds interesting, adding it to my TBR!

26th Oct, 19